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Staying safe is a priority for all of us. In our world of instantaneous communications, we are subjected to horrific images of violent incidents from around the world, and are led to believe these tragedies are happening as a daily occurrence.

What’s more important than your safety and that of your co-workers and loved ones? The focus of my training on personal safety is a broad and comprehensive topic.

As someone who has dedicated his life to helping people stay safe, Jerry McCormick developed powerful safety strategies and action steps to address the realities of today’s world ... strategies that have already made a difference in the lives of thousands of people.

For companies, non-profits and universities, Jerry's unique experience and approaches maximize safety by leveraging the inherent strengths of existing infrastructures and facilities, while delivering an unparalleled return on investment to cost-conscious organizations around the world.

I train attendees on how to protect against or avoid altogether, the common threats that are around us in our everyday lives.

~ Jerry McCormick

Personal Safety at Work has a history of delivering Employee Personal Safety and Distracted Driver training programs to global organizations and schools for the past several years. These solutions have been part of a turnkey training program for Employee Personal Safety.

We are now pleased to announce that after numerous requests, we are offering our training courses to not only organizations, but also to individuals who wish to acquire the training for themselves, or their loved ones.

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Before reading some great testimonials about the service Jerry has provided to various organizations, take a minute to watch these short videos from Patrick Ford (Bone Suckin' Sauce) and Lisa Cooper (The Mast General Store).

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