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Meet Jay

Jay | Personal Safety at Work

Senior Director Business Development & Analytics 

With over 30 years in industry, Jay has hands-on and senior leadership experience from roles in Commercial Analytics, Forecasting, Global Logistics and Supply Chain Planning at GlaxoSmithKline, IBM Global Business Services Advanced Analytics, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Connaught Laboratories (now Sanofi Pasteur), and Warner-Lambert (now Pfizer). He has led commercial analytics, forecasting and consulting teams of 80+ with a history of designing, building, and implementing successful analytics and decision processes, tools and teams to drive effectiveness and efficiency.

Having worked in large and small companies across industries Jay is passionate about the consistent provision of quality planning, analysis, insight and delivery. With Jerry at our company, Jay is working to deliver breakthrough insight into safety issues driven by fact-based analysis of historical events, actions and behaviors. “Causality is calculable” is a favorite mantra. Therefore, we consider Personal Safety can be impacted and improved by thoughtful consideration of causal factors and adjustment of actions via education. The application of advanced analytics will prove safety training can drive value and profit.

Analytics even permeates Jay’s spare time as he enjoys amateur meteorology and forecasting with his own weather station and databases in the study of microclimates. He also has an artistic pursuit of photography.

Meet Sharon

Sharon | Personal Safety at Work

Account Executive

From my teen years on horseback in rural America to being a Retail Clothing Buyer braving the streets of New York City, I have experienced safety extremes.  I learned to be aware of threats ranging from rattlesnakes in the mountains of southwestern Pennsylvania to thugs prowling the dangerous streets of New York City in the 1980s.  I was fortunate to have a boss that taught me how to walk those dangerous New York City streets safely and now it is the way Jerry shares similar learnings and strategies with our clients that excites me about our company.

I met Jerry in 2009 while a member of our local police support organization (CAP).  He was presenting an overview of personal and home safety subjects and I was most impressed by his knowledge, style and ability to hold my attention.  Inspired by my activity with CAP, I went on to create a Community Watch group for our 2,000-home neighborhood as well as a Garden Club and Yoga group.  Captain McCormick was our highly engaged regional commander who always drew a crowd when he spoke for us.

In addition to my Buying experience, I worked in accounting functions and volunteered, holding Treasurer roles, for a number of PTA organizations while raising my two sons.  One is now a Graphic Designer for a major automotive company and the other is a Police Officer at a nearby town.

I am still an active member of the Raleigh Garden Club, elected to the Treasurer position for two terms.  I love time in my garden.  As there are always plants to be purchased and holes to be dug, I have no spare time!

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