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 Jerry McCormick powerfully transforms lives by training employees about personal security, life-advancing communications and innovative leadership.

Jerry has taught and trained thousands of police officers, teachers and corporate security personnel on response strategies to mitigate violent incidents and other common threats in the home, school and workplace environment.

Jerry then developed a more comprehensive and unique approach that takes personal safety to a new level, with transferable knowledge and skills that participants can learn and apply in their everyday life.
His style is engaging, and participants leave feeling more empowered and secure.


An Employee’s Guide to Personal Safety at Work, at Home, and In-Between

This training is based on 20 years of research and experience training police officers, teachers and others about active shooter events and other critical incidents that they might face. That led to Jerry interviewing 9,500 police officers in US, Europe, & China to learn why police officers are rarely victims of person on person crime.

Participants will learn:

  • how to assess danger.
  • how to determine how they will respond physiologically to these dangers.
  • how to limit the response impact on them.
  • how to trust your natural instincts and take immediate action steps to limit or avoid the threat altogether.
  • how to use buildings and commercial grade construction to make yourself safer and protected from dangers in the event of a dangerous situation.

This training teaches employees to stay safe in more common everyday situations.

Participants leave feeling empowered to take charge of their personal safety.

Who this is for: Companies, Management teams, Non-profits, Universities, Educational organizations.

This presentation is available as a Keynote, a College Seminar or a more comprehensive training. This can be positioned as an Employee Benefit.

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Employee Safety in an Era of COVID-19 & Civil Unrest

  • Getting back to work safely guide with communication plan
  • How to engage with employees to help them feel and actually be safer
  • Facility Assessment to determine areas where simple action steps can increase safety for employees at little or no cost
  • How to assess actual danger to limit the impact or avoid it all together
  • How to use the facility as a tool to increase safety
  • Emergency Action Steps to deal with emerging dangerous situations
  • Emergency Action Drills to Shelter in Place, Lockdown, or Evacuate to another location


Event Planner Guide to Increased Safety

  • Facility/Venue Assessment to understand how to keep guest safe
  • Access Control for events by how you set up the entrance to make guest feel and actually be safer during your event
  • Event Safety Plan Guide: Base Considerations
  • Understanding Crime related to the area your event is being held
  • Action steps to handle unruly guest or uninvited attendees
  • Table Top Exercise/Group Discussion on Past Events
  • Planning considerations for various venues such as hotel, Open spaces, Older Properties, Special Event venue spaces

Is My Attention On The Road? How To Stay Safe By Avoiding Common Distractions While Driving.

The purpose of this course is to make drivers aware of the variety of distractions they may face while operating a vehicle. Using that knowledge, drivers should be better equipped to drive defensively to prevent an incident and respond quicker to constantly changing environments.

The ultimate goal is to reduce the likelihood of crashes and mitigate injuries resulting from traffic crashes.

Who this is for: Any organization with company drivers and vehicles.

This is offered as E-Learning, a Keynote, or a Seminar.

Additional Service: In addition to this presentation, we can implement a follow tracking system to measure improvement in employee driving records.

We work with your insurance company to reduce the cost and frequency of driving incidents so your insurance cost can go down.

Rx For Organizational Emergencies

Manage and Recover from Organizational Emergencies Quickly & Efficiently. Learn how to move beyond an emergency plan and forge a Crisis Team prepared to manage any disaster your organization may face.

This program includes both Recovery Planning and attention to OHSA Compliance.

  • We assess your facilities and safety processes to identify vulnerabilities, critical functions, and infrastructure dependencies.
  • Build Resilience, Recovery, and Contingency Strategies to protect your people, your customers, and your brand.
  • Conduct realistic emergency exercises that test strategies, challenge assumptions, and reveal shortfalls.
  • Develop an agile leadership ready to face uncertainty.

This is offered as a Keynote, Training, or comprehensive service.
Who this is for: Any organization with physical facilities


Our presentations can be expanded to include these services:

Facility Assessment – We evaluate and maximize the inherent strengths of your facility and infrastructure while helping you to develop a customized facility plan to respond to emergencies.

Readiness Drills – Real-time exercises with your people that build on the findings of the Facility Assessment.

eLearning Modules –Extend the reach of these powerful programs and train your people around the world through our eLearning modules. Ensure your entire team is prepared in the event of an emergency.

E-learning is  provided by Logic Swing.  Logic Swing builds interactive online training courses. Our team works with clients to convert their guidelines, regulations, operating procedures, and classroom training materials into effective online training programs.  Need help/guidance/recommendations? Contact us today.

Readiness Checklist - Reinforce your learning and preparedness with my readiness checklist for every member of your team.